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Meet Alexis Miller. Pilates instructor, dancer and owner of Cisco Pilates. Alexis offers private sessions in her home studio based in Asheville, NC. I have had the opportunity to photograph her teaching private lessons, as well as a group class she holds weekly. Even better, I’ve had the opportunity to receive lessons from Alexis, so I feel informed to be able to speak and rave even about Alexis.

Alexis doesn’t teach so much as reform you. I used to think that Pilates was just about doing tortuous ab exercises on a floor mat. And yes, that is an important part, but I have since learned that there is equipment involved. Equipment designed by inventor and educator Joe Pilates that helps to correct the crooked and unstable things about our bodies. This thing, for instance, is called a toe corrector. Alexis uses this with patients who need help with stabilization and balance. Apparently, using this device also helps to strengthen your butt muscles.Catherine Vibert - People at Work Photography-11

Some of the equipment works really well to stretch out in ways that are hard to do without the help of the equipment. Side stretching and working out those kinks from being bent over incorrectly all day long feels amazing.

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Alexis has patients of all ages, shapes and genders. As a senior citizen, Pilates can help you to regain balance and avoid falls. If you have not kept up a fitness regime in your life, it is never too late to start. Private Pilates lessons are a good way to get exactly the help you will need to stay upright, healthy and fit. I had to giggle when this patient accused Alexis of giving orders in a military style voice. I am always accusing her of that before the laughter starts. She will keep you on task though, trust me…

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Alexis demonstrates The Reformer. I have been on this piece of equipment many times and I think it is aptly named. You do feel reformed after she has run you through several exercises on this device.

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She holds two group classes, a beginner and an intermediate level offering. Your first class is free!Catherine Vibert - People at Work Photography-3 Catherine Vibert - People at Work Photography-2 Catherine Vibert - People at Work Photography-1


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At the end of the day, Alexis can often be found drinking tea and cuddling with partner Tom or one of her three Maine Coone cats.

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When Alexis isn’t working or resting, she is probably dancing. She performs regularly with Lindsey Kelley Dance Company. Here’s an image I made of her that shows her dancing side.

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Portrait of a dancer

Check out Alexis’ website,! I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, but of course having taken most of the pictures, I’m a little biased.

Thanks for reading!