I get to do the best things…

In partnership with the Arts Council of Mendocino County, I was privileged to follow The Mendocino Dance Project for a couple of days. As one of the winners of a marketing and branding  lifestyle photoshoot, I photographed this team at their rehearsal space and an experimental performance at the Odd Fellows Hall art gallery in the city of Mendocino.

Kara Starkweather, founder of the Mendocino County Dance Project, had a dream to build a dance team out on the coast. She hoped to provide the cultural opportunity so people wouldn’t have to travel to California’s bigger cities to have a taste of beautiful interpretive dance. Her team is wonderful and we are all so glad they are here in our county.

The video also shows the photoshoot we had in the misty forest and on the cliffs at sunset. Mendocino County is so beautiful, rugged and wild. Dance fits right in.

Please enjoy the video of our two day storytelling photoshoot. A mix of documentary and branding imagery, just what was needed to Visualize their Story.

How can I help you Visualize Your Story? A photoshoot in Mendocino County offers a whole lot in the way of beauty. From rugged cliffs, to crashing waves, to redwood trees to rolling hills and oak trees, we have it all here.

A lifestyle photoshoot to tell your story is a great way to create images to use for collateral in your websites, marketing materials and social media. And photoshoots tend to be very fun and far less intimidating than you think. You might never want to return to ‘work’. Except you love your work, so of course you will.

Let others know how much you love what you do, because your clients and customers want to know! Tell your story through stunning visuals with a lifestyle photography photoshoot!