About Me:

Environmental Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

There is no picture that speaks better than an authentic capture of a real person as themselves. I create an image or series of images that invite you in, make you want to know more about a person, who they are, what they love, what they are about, and what they stand for. And I entertain them while we get it done. If we aren’t having fun, why bother? Right?

I’m restless and love to run around and chase people as they do their thing. I know my way around a studio and can light up a virtual storm, but am lit up when I’m capturing people while they are engrossed in their work or hobbies… or following them on their business adventures to neighboring cities or places abroad. I’m happiest when I’m somewhere I’ve never been before and enjoying it even more because I’m working with people and helping them reach their goals. This is deeply satisfying.

I play piano for fun and screech high notes to break glass and have to refrain from doing that inside of cars and in close proximity to others who might suffer hearing damage. Most of the time when around willing participants I invite others to scream Bohemian Rhapsody along with me and strive to ensure everyone sounds as awful as humanly possible. There is a great deal of laughter involved in community noisemaking.

The things I appreciate the most in life are the love shared with family and friends, listening to really great music from former centuries, intimate conversations with my cat (in his language), and getting a great image that truly gets someone and tells their story.


Because I know you want to know. Frankly, it’s hard to put pricing on the website because all jobs are different, WIDELY different. However, I know you need to have a place to start, so let’s start here: All inclusive packages including kickass portraits, lifestyle (whatever your business and brand story is, it MUST be seen), and product (food, wine, widgets, whatever), basically everything you could possibly need for your business to market to the entire universe begin at ONLY $2K. Which is a STEAL. Oh, plus travel. Because I’ll come anywhere in the world to do this for you. Anywhere. Travel is blood. Blood is life. I live to travel.

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A Few Recent Clients:
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The Amazing Doctor Zymes
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Jendi Coursey Communications
Victor Chiarizia Glass
Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery
Regeneration Studio Craftsman’s Guild
Liftoff Leadership
Decision Driver Analytics
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