Catherine Vibert

Portrait & Lifestyle Photography for Brands & People

Catherine Vibert aka CatVibe

Northern California Photographer

As of 2019, based in Denver, CO 

Available for Worldwide Commissions

Art Directors — Editors — Collectors

… are you seeking to commission me for a project or license one of my images? Then you are in the right place! Please have a look-around and reach out for a quote. 

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs and Small Teams

We are embarking on a brand new photography adventure to get people ready to launch. Get the vibrant images you need to have confidence in being visible and make a splash online. Launching in February 2019 from our new home base in Denver, CO. If you need images sooner, please reach out by clicking this button, otherwise please sign up for our mailing list for launch news. We don’t do spam. Thanks! 

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